Good Quality Rotary Evaporator

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Technical Data of RE-2000B Rotary Evaporator


The rotary evaporator is heated by water bath(oil bath) to form thin film under the negative pressure condition, evaporate, then condense and recycle the solvent simultaneously. The apparatus are particularly suitable for the heatsensitivity material’s condensation, crystallization, separation,recovery and so on. It is an important instrument for scientifical research, pilot and production in biological pharmacy, chemical engineering and food industries etc.


1. AC induction motor stepless speed regulation,no brushes,no sparks,long life.

2. A good sealing system, high vacuum degree,high evaporation rates, high recovery rates.

3. GG-17 high quality borosilicate materials, with good physical and chemical properties.

4. Advanced speed frequency control and reliable electronic speed control to ensure the good electrical performance.

5.Under flammable and explosive environments, anti-explosion series are a good choice.

Technical parameters:

Optional equipment:

Circulating water vacuum pump: To provide a vacuum source

Low temperature cooling liquid circulation pump: For condensation and reducing waste of materials