Small distillion equipment

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The rotary evaporator is heated by water bath(oil bath) to form thin film under the negative pressure condition, evaporate highly, then condense and recycle the solvent simultaneously. The apparatus are particularly suitable for the heat-sensitivity material’scondensation, crystallization, separation,recovery and so on. And reflux extractioncan be avaliable for parts evaporator models. It is one of the necessary basic instruments in the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, universities and research laboratories and other units etc., while it is also the main means for producing concentrated extracts and analysis experiments.


1, Quick and easy lifting mechanism:

RE201D, RE301 and RE501 rotary evaporators are water tank lifting.Turning the hand-wheel on the oil/water bath drives the bath to lift and go down. RE52 series isthe motor thread lifting, that is, turning the hand-wheel on the screw stem will drive the rotating flask, rotating motor, condenser and collecting flask to lift or go down at the same time.

2, Heating Tank

Stainless steel heating tube provides heat source. The temperature range will be RT~99 ℃ with water. The water tank is cylindrical and made of high quality stainless steel. So it is corrosion resistance and durable. The tanks are available for 2-20literrotating flask heated. Moreover, the tank can be moved according the rotating flask size.

3, Vacuum Sealing

PTFE evaporating pipe, good sealing and heat-resisting. Joint part is sealed Fluorine rubber mat which brings good performance.

4, Automatic Temperature Control Digital Display

Temperature digital display and control by pt100 sensor. when the pre-selected temperature is reached the temperature you setted, the controller automatically will turn off the heater supply, When it is lower than the pre-selectedtemperature, controller will switch on automatically to realize constant temperature.

5, Rotating flask and Collection flask

The flasks are made of GG-17 high borosilicate glass which is blowed by hand. Their intensity, concentricity, glossiness, and surface finish are better than rough flasks.

Optional equipment

Circulating Water Vacuum Pump: Used to provide a vacuum source

Cool Chiller: For condensation and reducing waste of materials.

Technical Data: