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vacuum drying oven

vacuum drying oven

Vacuum drying oven is designed for drying heat-sensitive material, easy to resolve.

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Product Introduction

Vacuum Drying Oven

Detailed description:

It applies in drying, sterilizing and heat treatment of articles under the relatively vacuum condition in laboratories of industrial mining enterprise, colleges and universities, scientific research institute and medicine and health units etc.


1. The vacuum tube around makes room temperature more uniform, avoiding organic connecting with fires burring.

2. Set temp and control are all intelligent digital display, high accuracy.

3.60206050 both adopt jacketed vacuum glass door .On one hand, it keeps the temp in room; On the other hand you can see the dried instruments clearly.

4. The door that can be adjusted is overall the silicone rubber molding circle, can insure the vacuum degree.

Technical parameters:

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