Glass Reactor Series

50L-Single layer glass reactor

50L-Single layer glass reactor

Single layer glass reactor is an equipment which is a collaboration of vacuum state, distillation, reflux, stirring, oil/water heating, heating mantle.

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Product Introduction

F series Single layer glass reactor

Function introduction:

Single layer glass reactor is anequipment which is a collaboration of vacuum state, distillation, reflux, stirring, oil/water heating, heatng mantle. It can do all kinds of biochemical reactions and synthesis reactions at a constant temperature condition. It is also a colsedsystem on the whole.

Circulating water vacuum pump can pump into the reactor sorts of liquids and gases. The reflux or distillation is possible under different temperature state.

The single layer glass reactor has water/oil heating bath or heating mantle itself. Water/oil bath temperature is digital display, which can meet constant temperature state,fast temp. rising, accurate controllers.1-50L is circular and more than 50L is cylinder. After heating we can add the cooling coil in the tank to cool the material in short time.


1.GG17 high borosilicate glass with nice physical chemical properties; experiment temperature ~100 to 400 degree C; Resistant to strong acidic properties of materials; only touching with glass parts & PTFE, no cross-contamination.

2.Precision Mechanical seal stirring to keep high vacuum degree.

3.Glass(PTFE)discharge valve, no-dead angle mixing, fast no residue discharge.

4.Frequency control speed gear motor, smooth runninghigh torque, automatic booster ,nospark, noise free, long life.

5.SUS frame and cast aluminum material kettle body support, simple as well as strong; stable structure

6.Circulating water/oil bath, heating mantle can supply the heating origin; Cooling mode machine:cool chiller, convenient and practical

8.Scientific & innovative structure, practical, strong,

Dech Data:

Heating principle:

The heating coil in the tank heat the transfer medium-water or oil directly,(heating mantle heat the body kettle). Then the hot water or oil pass its hot energy to material in the kettle and stirring at the same time.

Ancillary equipment:

Circulating water vacuum pump:Used to provide a vacuum source

Cool chiller: Reflux, condensation and cool the material


1.Please check whether the glass kettle intact or not,whether each interface is consistent or not. Please handle with care.

2.Wipeeach interface with a soft cloth (napkinavailable),then apply a little vacuum grease( Vacuum grease must be covered to prevent gray sand from entering after using.

3.Each interface can not be over-tightened,loosening them periodically, avoid long-term furrowed causing connector tightened deadly.

4.First turn on the power switch, and then let the machine run from slow to fast speed.When the reaction is over, let the machine into static state , then off the switch.

5.Every PTFE switch can not be over-tightened, which is easy to damage the glass.

6.Please wipe the various traces of oil, stains, solvents left on surfaceto stay with a soft cloth after you completing the experiment.

7.After the shutdown,loosen each PTFE switch.Long time keeping still in working condition causesPTFE piston deformation.

8.Cleanseals regularly.Method: Remove the seal ring, check the shaft plot dirt or not, wipe it with a soft cloth,then coat with a little vacuum grease,and re-install it to keep the shaft and seal smooth.

9.Keep the electrical parts dry, non-moisture!!

10.It’d better purchase the original authentic parts,use other machine parts may cause fatal damage.

11.Any repairs or inspection be sure to cut off power and water.

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