Glass Reactor Series

30L/50L-Jacketed Glass Reactor

30L/50L-Jacketed Glass Reactor

Double-glazed designed glass reactor, the liner is for reaction solvent, and the jacket for heating or cooling resource(cool liquid, hot water or hot oil), to achieve circulating heating or cooling experiment.

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Product Introduction

30L/50L-Jacketed Glass Reactor

Detailed description:

Based on actual customer requirements and standards for the production of EXSF explosion –proof double- layer reactor absorbed the advantages of international and domestic similar products. For the modern chemical, fine chemical, biological pharmacy, new material synthesis experiment and production of the ideal equipment.


(1) Our computer adapt to modern pharmaceutical and chemical reaction experiment production needs, especially with the relevant national authority organization together to produce a series of explosion-proof products.

(2) This product uses the explosion- proof motor, explosion- proof inverter full- explosion- proof smart temperature control box.

(3) To meet modern biological, chemical, pharmaceutical and other experiments and production of explosion- proof reach Q/HA01-2005 standard.

Tech data :


(1) Use borosilicate glass (GG17), has excellent physical and chemical properties.

(2) Frequency mixing, smooth and reliable, torque, no spark.

(3) Seal PTEF components, proprietary technology, keeps the market similar products the best vacuum (about ~0.095mpa, leading, and equipped with debris collecting trough.

(4) Feet with brake casters, easy to move

(5) Distillation and backflow can be simultaneous

(6) Cooling or heating, can according to customer requirements and matching products.

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